Saturday, March 15, 2008

Adam's Blog [stardate 073,080.139]

     "Adam's Mark of Transparency"

Eve (aka Eva) and I live in Edeberg which is within sight of the guarding angel protecting EDEN (Even Death Enters Now).  One of my curious children got so close to the flaming sword that he was burned severely and had to go to the healer.

Eve and I were about to take a long trek down the Pishon (its deep waters remind me of the intense romance between Eva and I).  But a more urgent task lay before me.

Eve finds bird-watching thrilling and I enjoy climbing trees and telling stories.  Being the Original Storyteller, as well as the only comic standing for some time, I have often been pestered to tell an entertaining ditty or narrate all the events since Day Six.

Eve is an artist and Spintal is her tutor.  As the Intelligent Designer is the artificer of the universe, so Eve creates beautiful images.  Eve’s pictures are a vivid imitation of life.  She collects her pigments from leaves, roots and rocks.  She dobs paint on flat rocks revealing “sermons in stone and good in every thing.”

Before our journey I had to give my speech of apology to humanity.  The following remarks came from the official transcript:
“As moral and intelligent agents, you know the results of the Fall.  Since my high treason against the Creator of All, we must all face “the penalty of Adam,” an old wicked heritage.  The grief over my Great Transgression is not only for you my children, but also for the lower critters.  Before the world became abnormal, there was no slavery, no suicide and no raging lions or dinos.  Pre-Fall, the human mind was pure.  The “what could have beens” have been labeled Adam’s Lost Dream. Eva and I walked and talked with the Creator in the cool of the day [Ge 3.8].  In the Land before Fear and Worry, we were outfoxed by a snake in the Tree of Despair.  Not all snakes are bad though. I used my good friend Boa to clamp two boards together that I had just glued.

My apology is real, but it will not repair the damage on this fertile planet.  Some have become monks to escape this unvirtuous world, but we must all recall that evil resides within.  Don’t sell your soul to the Devil.  Rather, love your Creator with all your heart and look forward to the coming of the Chosen One who will crush the serpents head [Ge 3.15].  We must all remember that GOD IS and reject the Goddess.  God bless you all my children.”

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Aristotle, Kitts and Kinds

David B. Kitts has been quoted often in the origins controversy, especially in regard to the many gaps in the fossil record (lack of transitional forms). Kitts was a professor of Geology and later a professor of History of Science at the University of Oklahoma. Kitts was part of a debate with Henry Morris and Duane Gish in 1973. Kitts was a student of noted evolutionist George Gaylord Simpson (1902-1984) (
In an interview in 1981, Kitts said,
“Aristotle, to a greater extent than almost anyone we know about, relied upon his observations. He observed that individual members of a species do not persist, but kinds do persist. That is a pretty obvious fact about the world. If there is abundant empirical support for the view that species persist, why do evolutionists suppose they do not persist? Evolutionists have a very elaborate abstract theory that compels us to suppose that species do not persist.
Our reason for thinking that species do not persist is not our observation that they do not persist, but it is a theory that requires them not to persist. Whatever the observations that support evolutionary theory are, they are not the observations that one species turns into another.
Evolutionary theory compels us to see the fossil record as evidence of evolution. The paleontological record supports evolutionary theory if you presuppose evolutionary theory. It is consistent with evolutionary theory, but it does not compel us to accept evolutionary theory. The fossil record is consistent with and astronomical number of theories. The fossil record does not prove evolution; nothing proves evolution. Evolution is a scientific hypothesis. Anybody who says evolution is a proven fact is an idiot and deserves to be criticized.” [1]
When Adam named the animals of Eden preserve, these created kinds (or baramins) would reproduce similar organisms. All creatures born from these starting animals form essential types and natural kinds of biological entities. This is a relational property and involves the history of life. To discover these essential types today is a deep matter. One way to get close to the original kinds is to find out which hybrids produce fertile offspring (e.g. zebra and horse  zorse). Yet some species (a smaller division within kinds in most cases) are so much alike they must have come from the same critter made during Creation Week (or coming off Noah’s Ark). So the task of classification must be approached holistically (google “baraminology”).
Another method of taxonomy is to notice the special features of Yahweh’s creation. A woodpecker has a unique tongue that splits in two and curves all the way around its skull (to reach deep into trees). It also has a protective shock-absorbing tissue in its skull to deal with its jackhammer attacks on trees. Find these essential features and you’ve found a woodpecker.
Next, envision a giraffe which has special one-way valves in its blood vessels to keep the blood from rushing to its head when is leans over. There is also a spongy matrix below the brain to take up excess blood. Look for these ostensive properties and you’ve found a giraffe.
We may further admire the humble cactus. According to Jennifer Ackerfield, Cacti are special:
“There are several features which are found on all members of the family Cactaceae. All cacti have a succulent stem, inferior ovary, and unique structures called areoles. Areoles are a unique feature found in a wide number of positions on the cacti and are composed of two perpendicular buds. From the upper bud come the flowers and fruit or new branches, and from the lower bud come the spines.”

1) Personal interview on Oct. 7, 1981 (listen to MP3 above)