Sunday, August 17, 2008

Adam's Blog [stardate 032,172.781]

“Palmettos and Recurrence Dreams”

  Do you enjoy braiding you daughters’ hair?  I was pondering the trunk of a palmetto tree and admired the braided pattern the Intelligent Designer gave this plant.  I could imitate this design to make rope!  I invented a small version of the palmetto trunk and if you put your fingers in each end it’s difficult to escape.  My children love this toy! I named it an HTU for Holistic Tube of Unity.

  I had a strange dream the other strange day.  In the dream I was sleeping, as I woke up I said, “MADAM, IN EDEN I’M ADAM.”  Next, I went to the garden and noticed that three fourths of my tulips were missing.  A funny thing about ¾ is that it’s NEVER ODD OR EVEN.  A while later Dennis and Edna were caught fighting, so I gave my verdict: DENNIS AND EDNA SINNED.  This series of events repeated itself over and over and over.  By the way, aren’t groundhogs cute?

  The Intelligent Designer made the world during the first six days of history.  Unlike my adorable offspring, I never said “goo-goo gah-gah.”  I had no mom or dad to hug or kiss me.   Some call me “Dusty” for that is what the Creator made me from and where my destiny lies [~ Ge 2:7, 3:19].  Since Eve was taken from my rib, some have nicknamed her “Reeba.”  Before the day I ate the bad fruit, my dreams had no animal deaths and none of my children had fatal accidents.  Our sinless, deathless paradise is gone, but our loving Creator has promised a coming Savior [~ Ge 3:15, 1 Jn 3:8, Rev 22:3].  I love to eat radishes and squash.  I am the first Adam.   Deep time? What’s that?  I have been stuck by thorns, but I have never Ben Stein…  

[note: palindromes are in ALL CAPS SPACL LA]