Monday, December 7, 2015

Age of the Earth Poll (C-Fund)

There's a great crowd funding effort for a national survey on the age of the Earth.  Please support this worthy project.  Get more info here.

How old is the Earth?
A) 4,000 years
B) 6,000 years
C) 8,000 years
D) 10,000 years
E) more than 10,000 years

Most surveys do not focus on the age of the earth to this detail.  It is often assumed that an anti-evolution belief is linked to Young Earth Science (YES), but this is not the case.  Just consider the Intelligent Design (ID) movement.  William Dembski has accepted a Global Flood; however, to the best of our knowledge he has not adopted YES yet.  Phillip Johnson, the father of ID, is also sympathetic to YES.  ID as a movement has not rejected Old Earth Fallacies (OEF's). [1]  They should read the Wikipedia page defending a young planet from history and science.  Or better yet, get the book on Young Earth Science (YES):

1) Darwin's Doubt by Stephen Meyer (HarperCollins, NYC, 2014), p. 72.