Tuesday, October 13, 2015

ELKAN – Movie Project

Elkan must find seven keys that fit seven locks.  During his journey, history is revealed to Elkan in a powerful way as he experiences it firsthand.  This heart pounding adventure leads Elkan to know that Genesis 1-11 is authentic history.

This book (hopefully a film as well, D.V.) is endorsed by these influencers:
  • Carl Kerby (Reasons for Hope)
  • Buddy Davis (“Mammoth Cave” ♫)
  • Roger Patterson (Evolution Exposed)
  • Oswald Brothers Band
  • Peggy Medberry (Biola)

Here’s the first page of the book:
Please join me in aiding the effort to get this great story turned into a first class movie.  See the last link for a video explaining the project.

If Genesis 1 to 11 is real history, then the earth is young.  Learn more about Young Earth Science (YES) here