Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Perfectly Clear Podcast – Science Left Behind

Science Left Behind by Alex Berezow of RealClearScience and Hank Campbell of Science 2.0 came out in 2012.  The podcast reviewing this book may be found here.

References and links for the podcast:
Berezow & Campbell debunk the overpopulation myth (pp. 82-88).

Michael Medved supports Intelligent Design (ID) and even had a Young Earth advocate on his radio show (see the review marked “NED” and “oblivion”).
Berezow & Campbell speak of “fringe religious opposition to evolution” (p. 6).
Over 800 Ph.D. scientists deny Darwinism.
William F. Buckley on his Firing Line show had ID leaders Phillip Johnson, Michael Behe and David Berlinski as guests.   
G.K. Chesterton severely criticized Darwin (p. 129). 
Some creationists have won the Nobel prize (pp. 21, 33). 
A Gallup poll found that 49% of Independents deny that humans evolved from animals (pp. 212, 213). 
Berezow & Campbell are wrong about stem cell research (pp. 22-26).
Embryonic Stem Cells are unstable; many diseases have been successfully treated with adult stem cells and stem cells may also be found in umbilical cord blood and baby teeth. [1]
Berezow & Campbell don’t favor “resorting to religious or spiritual arguments” (p. 136).
Both the Bible and the Qur’an allow eating meat. 
Science itself is based on Biblical PreSuppositions.

According to Berezow, “The Earth isn't young.” [2] 

Berezow references two BioLogos web pages against Young Earth Science (YES). 
Sarah Palin (p. 142) is best described as an Intelligent Design advocate. [3]
NSF alternative:  Privatizing the Public Sector by E.S. Savas.
The oldest tree confirms the Global Flood.
Yellowstone tree rings support YES (Arct). [4]
Old Earth Fallacies (OEF) and ice cores.
Radiocarbon in dino bones‼
Growth rings and YES.
Are “missing” isotopes a problem for YES?
School choice is the key to the origins debate.
Berezow & Campbell say that “nobody has died from denying evolution” (p. 240).
Darwinism and suicide may be closely tied.
Jerry Bergman recently wrote Hitler and the Nazi Darwinian worldview.
Berezow and Campbell tell us to trust science (p. 258).

Princes [and Big Science] also sit and speak against me, but Your servant meditates on Your statutes. Your testimonies also are my delight and my counselors (Psalm 119:23, 24).

1)  “Stem Cells” by Georgia Purdom in A Pocket Guide to Social Issues by Tommy Mitchell et al (Answers in Genesis, Petersburg, KY, 2009), pp. 26, 27.
2)  personal email.
3)  Going Rogue by Sarah Palin (HarperCollins, 2009), pp. 218, 219.
4)  The Young Earth by John Morris, Rev. ed. (Master Books, Green River, AR, 2007), p. 117.