Friday, August 3, 2012

Rick Smalley – Nobel Laureate Creationist

Creationist Richard “Rick” Smalley (d. 2005) won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1996 for discovering buckyballs.  Damian Thompson claims that no Nobel Prize winners oppose orthodox Darwinism. [1]

Smalley’s wife said this about her husband,

“I remember him pacing the bedroom floor in anger saying evolution was bad science.  Rick hated bad science worse than anything else. He said if he conducted his research the way that they did, he would never be respected in the scientific community.”
According to Jerry Bergman,

“Smalley at first accepted theistic evolution, but as he studied the issue in detail he became an outspoken anti-Darwinist. … When Smalley realized macro-evolution as science was fatally flawed, he intended to openly challenge the evolution establishment, but cancer took his life before he was able to achieve this goal.”

1)  Counterknowledge by Damian Thompson (W.W. Norton, NYC, NY, 2008), p. 38.

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