Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Real Truth about the Flat Earth

David Rives has produced an excellent video refuting the Flat Earth Myth.  Astronomer Danny Faulkner (fmr. Univ. of SC Prof) speaks at the end.
I have met NASA engineers - were they part of some great conspiracy to hide the "fact" of the flat earth?  I think not.  Former NASA Administrator Charles  Bolden was on the same stage as Donald Chittick (The Puzzle of Ancient Man) at a presentation in Houston in the early 1990's.  Bolden is a professing Christian and would not support some great effort to distort the true info about the shape of the Earth!  James Irwin walked on the moon and was a Christian, not a deceiver.  Irwin even went looking for Noah's Ark on Mt. Ararat! 

It is He who sits above the circle of the earth... (Is. 40:22)

God is everywhere and the only shape that looks like a circle from every perspective (front/side/top) is a globe!  The Hebrew word in Isaiah 40:22 is khûg (חוּג) and can mean sphere.   Dominic Statham points out that "Various sixteenth century Latin Bibles indicate that medieval scholars understood khûg in Isaiah 40:22 to refer to the sphericity of the earth."  Ben Hobrink in his profound book Modern Science in the Bible reveals that, "The Hebrew word translated "circle" can also mean clod or lump, that is,  something spherical.  Old Dutch and German translations of the Bible (Statenvertaling and Luther Bible) have translated it this way." [1]
Suppose I wanted to prove the Moon was a big ball of rock.  First, find a point on the equator and "Go West, young man."  I will eventually come back to my starting point.  In a similar way I could start at the Lunar North Pole and start walking South.  Eventually, I will get back to the North Pole!  President Donald Trump could to the same thing with Air Force One and refuel in the air to prove that the earth is a sphere and not flat.  
YES- Young Earth Science is supported by history and science, the flat earth concept is not.  Even Aristotle (d. 323 BC) figured out that the earth is round.  Washington Irving (Rip Van Winkle) is the culprit who started the Flat Earth Myth in 1828 in his book on Columbus.


1) Modern Science in the Bible by Ben Hobrink (Howard Books, NYC, 2011), p. 117.  Originally pub. in Dutch by Uitgeverj Gideon in 2005.