Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Creationism in the Mainstream?

Ben Hobrink has written Modern Science in the Bible:  Amazing Scientific Truths Found in Ancient Texts.  Hobrink’s book is published by Howard Books, a division of Simon & Schuster.  We highly recommend this work.  It’s well referenced and includes a list of suggested books and websites for further study.
A good section of Hobrink’s work is very similar to None of These Diseases, but with updated health info.  The Bible taught sanitation long before Joseph Lister (d. 1902).  The Jews were commanded to stay away from dead animals (Lev. 11:39,40).  Men circumcised as babies have almost no cases of certain types of cancer. [1]

Hobrink tackles the flat-earth myth and explains the Bible’s description of the hydrologic cycle. [2]  Hobrink quotes Baylor sociologist Rodney Stark,

Science arose only once in history… It could only arise in a culture dominated by a belief in a conscious, rational, all-powerful Creator. … Science was not the work of Western secularists or even deists; it was entirely the work of devout believers in an active, conscious, creator God. [3]

Hobrink defends the Flood and Young Earth Science (YES).  Using the K-Ar dating method an eruption in Hawaii that occurred in 1801 was dated to 3 Billion years! [4]  Hobrink rightly points out that, “There are no transitional forms between single-celled and five-hundred-celled organisms.” [5]  Hobrink also deals with Bible difficulties and supposed errors in the Scripture.
Will Howard publish more creationist books?  Howard also puts out the NYT bestseller An Invisible Thread which tells how an 11 year old street kid became friends with a well-heeled sales executive.  This is much like Same Kind of Different as Me by Ron Hall & Denver Moore which involves the Union Gospel Mission in Fort Worth.  Hall & Moore came to our church and gave a presentation.  Denver sang and brought his artwork – very moving.  Samuel L. Jackson has been cast to play Denver in the upcoming film.     

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