Friday, January 4, 2013

Young Earth dot com

Young Earth is an impressive website supporting Young Earth Science (YES).  It is sponsored by Real Science Radio (formerly Real Science Friday, contra npr’s Science Friday). 

How does the rapid formation of Manganese nodules refute uniformitarian PreSuppositions?  Where are the missing heavy metals in stars?  Can bacteria and sand create something like marble in hours?  Go to Young Earth for more info.
Real Science Radio is magnificent!  Hear an interview with Darwinist physicist Lawrence Krauss, author of The Physics of Star Trek.  There is also an episode on the New Scientist cover story “Darwin Was Wrong” (Re: tree of life).    
Young Earth has a forum and is associated with Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship (RMCF) of Colorado.  RMCF has regular meetings and videos of past speakers may be found here, including Paul Taylor, Rob Carter, Jerry Bergman and many others.
The Young Earth store includes a debate between Bob Enyart and Eugenie Scott (NCSE) on “junk” DNA.  There is also a debate on the age of the earth as well as Real Science Friday past shows (2006-2011).  Bob Enyart offered dino expert Jack Horner (technical advisor for Jurassic Park) $23K to radiocarbon date dino soft tissue!  Please support this effective Young Earth Science (YES) resource.  Does Intelligent Design support Young Earth Science?   

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Bob Enyart said...

wow, that's all so encouraging. Thank you ALD! - Bob Enyart (for Fred Williams and the RSR crew)