Thursday, May 8, 2008

Who Is The Intelligent Designer?

This groundbreaking new book answers the question that Ben Stein has brought to this planet’s attention with his film "Expelled." After reading WHO IS THE INTELLIGENT DESIGNER? you will be able to answer the question, “Is there more to creation in the extra-cosmic message from the Intelligent Designer beyond Genesis chapter one?” The emphasis on creation is displayed throughout the Creator’s authentic revelation. The Intelligent Designer made the world and owns everything. Because of creation we are responsible to God. We have been made in the image of God and have been called to care for the earth. We did not make the world and so we are not completely self-reliant. Read about the origin of the world from Moses, through the Psalms and in the Prophets. Creation is a foundational teaching that shows us who God is and both who and why we are (Col. 1:15-17). The Intelligent Designer did not just make the world and then ignore it. God sustains the world he made and gives food, air and water to his creatures. Who is the Intelligent Designer? provides genuine information confirming God’s providential care of the universe. The value of this must-read creation is its comprehensive scriptural content and thoughtful discourse.
Are you thankful for the Intelligent Designer’s blessings of Creation and Providential Care? God not only made the galaxies, he also takes note when a sparrow falls. Our knowledge of creation comes from an extra-cosmic data source (the Bible). Is this ancient book reliable? Who is the Intelligent Designer? gives compelling reasons for faith and that the worldview of the Bible is the only one that gives meaning to life. There are many scriptures that deal with the implications of creation. Does the Bible give us a hint of physical laws? What about our own creativity? Some try to combine Darwinism with Design. Is that possible? Evolution in any form runs counter to the character of the Intelligent Designer, the Word of God and the solid facts of science. We may have a personal relationship with our Creator and Sustainer through Jesus Christ.
Have you ever wondered what the Bible teaches about creation? Here in one source are all the scriptures verses on creation and providential care arranged by topic. God not only made the cosmos, he also holds it together (Col. 1:17). There are dozens of scriptures showing the importance of the Intelligent Designer as Creator and Sustainer. Have you considered the evidence that supports the Bible as a reliable source of truth? The special message from our Creator, from Genesis to Revelation, tells us that we were specially created and not the result of some transformational process starting with a single-celled organism. This innovative work tackles the controversial statement “Intelligent Design is Creationism.” Let’s get back to the Bible by reading the Bible! The reality of Intelligent Design wins the future!
This work is highly literate and makes for a quote-miners delight, but it could have been improved with an index. A topical index of all the scriptures would have been helpful as well.
Be the first on your block to get this creative and vital tome. No Global Flood checks. Not available in all stores. Quantities virtually unlimited.
**NOTE** >> this is a Kindle edition