Thursday, November 13, 2014

Adam’s Blog [stardate 23,234.316] - We’ll Make It Go!

Every decade my love for Eva [Eve] grows stronger and richer.  I think of her love, virtue and beauty day and night.  Two weeks ago during a soft breezy evening I was in a deep dream [Really Entertaining Movies] and I saw Eva’s wondrous eyes:

I imagined that they were spinning around like so:

The very next day a few of my grandchildren, Hugim, Yuren and Jiyanz came to me with a conundrum.  They had a large toy box and wanted to take it to the other side of Lake Noeg.  I promised them “We’ll make it go!”  I was inspired by my dream and Hugim, Yuren and Jiyanz made flat washer shapes from wood and I connected them with a bamboo pole.  We made two sets of these donut-like devices and attached a rope to the front of the box and my grandkids delivered the toys to their friends on the other side of the lake‼  Yuren shouted, “Ruu-Mei-Ow!” in a joyful manner.

I think I will name this device a WHEEL since this whole episode started off with “We’ll make it go!”  The next time you have a deep dream [REM], don’t take it lightly [Gen. 37:5-10].


In 2011 a small stone car was discovered in Turkey.  Archaeologist Mesut Alp said that the toy car is about 7,500 years old.