Friday, April 4, 2008


  What do John Nash (A Beautiful Mind), Danica McKellar (The Wonder Years) and Srinivasa Ramanujan share in common? A deep love for mathematics.
Consider the following equation which places one of our original parents in the numerator:
         EVE = TALKTALK…
Replace each letter with a digit to make the equation true (see the solution at the end of the post). All you supercrunchers and spreadsheet wizards should have no problem with this. What would have happened if Eve had never spoken one word to the serpent in the KOGAE* tree?
  Another numerical gem is 1657. The Flood occurred 1656 years after Creation Week (a la Masoretic text). So 1657 is the first year in the Post-Flood age. Now 1657 is also a cuban prime (which is prime in Cuba as well as non-totalitarian regimes). A cuban prime derives from the difference of consecutive primes, e.g. 24^3 – 23^3 = 1657. Note, the 24 reminds us that the Intelligent Designer made the world in six 24 hour (approx.) days. Hmmm, 1657 and 24, fascinating! Meditation on the Flood’s judgment on sin incased in the fossil record and the contrast with the perfection of Creation Week is of prime importance.
*Knowledge Of Good And Evil

And the solution is …


212/606 = 0.34983498…..
Reference: Math Horizons, Apr 1996, p. 18 (see MAA website)

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