Friday, July 25, 2008

Puzzle FUN!!

Attention planetosis victims!  Here is a super fun, non-math, puzzle.  The two names below have a special meaning.

And now without further time-warps here are the two enigmatic names:

  1) Janmar Mayjul
  2) Augoc T. Dec

  •   not a character in Sagan's "Contact" (book or movie)
  •   Not related to Nellie Narrow-Way
  •   not a hologram or a quark
  •   EvoEmo is a good guess, but wrong
This puzzle may be answered by the following:
  •   residents of the Privileged Planet may apply
  •   Aliens between the ages of 900-1500 are excluded
  •   Earthlings within the interval [-.75, 1005] may guess
  •   All relatives and friends of Ben Stein are eligible
  •   Answer appears in the Sep 2008 post

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