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Crevo – James Montgomery Boice

The host of the Bible Study Hour, James Montgomery Boice (d. 2000), produced a fascinating video series on Creation or Evolution?  Boice had one of the greatest radio preacher voices of all time.  Those who
don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.  This video series helps us understand why so many Christians tolerate progressive creation (God created over long ages).  Boice takes a strong stance against theistic evolution.  The Gap Theory is also discussed.

One wonders if Boice read Starlight and Time by Russell Humphreys which uses relativity to deal with the light travel issue (if stars are billions of light years away, how can Earth be young?).  Humphreys’ book came out in 1994.

Most traditional creationists place creation around 4000 BC (Ussher was close).  Boice says that creationists claim the world is between 12K to 20K years old.   

Boice brings up the topic of fossil order as a challenge to Flood Geology, specifically plant fossils.  The vertical arrangement of plant fossils does not necessarily teach us the story of evolution.  As Robert Spicer explains,

Both fluid and biological sorting of potential plant megafossils during transport and deposition processes produce a pattern that has previously been overlooked. ... Vertical differences in species composition need not necessarily reflect temporal changes in vegetation. [1]

The two-dimensional nature of plant materials (leaves, some seeds etc.), changes in density (e.g. waterlogging), fragmentation and bacterial decay are issues that models of depositional sorting must consider.  This is very consistent with a Global Flood.

Henry Morris provides 64 biblical reasons for the global nature of the Flood and 36 scientific, historical and cultural arguments. [2]  Boice, though not holding to all the tenets of Flood Geology, held that much geologic data “must be explained by a flood of worldwide dimensions.” [3]  He also said that, “a flood of that duration [377 days] is not a local flood!” [4]  Boice wrote a whole chapter on Flood Traditions and concluded that, “Hundreds of flood stories abound throughout the world in various cultures and are therefore evidence not merely of the historicity of the flood but of its universal extent.” [5]  John Byl rightly states, “… since animals were originally vegetarian, there was no animal death before Adam’s fall.  Thus all animal fossils must post-date Adam’s fall.”  Once one accepts a Global Flood, such as ID leader William Dembski, Young Earth Science (YES) is not far behind. 
We heard Dr. Boice in Oklahoma City just a few blocks away and a few days before the bombing of the Federal Building.  Boice’s legacy includes his influential work with Bible Study Fellowship.

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