Saturday, March 2, 2013

Born This Way – Adam&Eve Remyx

What matters is that you love Him capital H-I-M
Just raise your hands up
'Cause born-againers sing this way

My Daddy told me when I was young
We are all born sinners
He rolled up his sleeves and got to work
On the farm and on the stairs

There's nothin' wrong with how God made you
Adam and Eve went together
Just like male and female
That’s how babies are made!

We lost our beauty, sad to say
Adam and Eve made a big mistake
You’re off the track LADY
No one’s born to be gay

Don't hide way under a net
Trust Christ – your sins he’ll forget
Turn from sin, yearn for heaven
No one’s born to be gay

Don’t ever brag – just praise the King

With the Father’s love you can begin
Believe in capital H-I-M
I love Jesus, He gives life!

No matter gay, straight or bi
Christ can transform your life
Read the Bible, know your gender
Be a Radical Scripture defender
© ice-j  1-6-13
Sacred Cows in Science is a superb work helping us form a Christian WorldView.  It covers such hot topics as climate change, Intelligent Design, reality of the soul, Global Flood, dinos etc.  Dennis Jernigan, the well-known Christian musician and worship leader has written the last chapter, “No One is Born Gay.”  The Lord delivered Dennis from a homosexual background.  Here is an excerpt:

… those who identify as homosexual are statistically at a higher risk of drug use, suicide, depression, and other emotional problems.  In addition, in the October 1999 issue of Archives of General Psychiatry, research on the relationship between homosexuality and mental-health problems found that men with same-sex partners were 6.5 times as likely as their co-twin counterparts to have attempted suicide. [1]
We also recommend The Same Sex Controversy.  You may contact us through the email in our profile.

1)  Sacred Cows in Science ed. by Norbert Smith (Create Space, 2011), p. 337.

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