Friday, April 5, 2013

Adam's Blog [stardate 177,234.007] – Call it Theodicy

Some renegade dinos killed ½ of the children on a learning expedition near Huqinect last month.  Why did this calamity happen?  I AM THE PROBLEM!  Original Sin is real.  The Fall brought the Curse [Ge 3].  
All my progeny, from the Top Invariant [N Pole] to the Bottom Invariant [S Pole], know that I disobeyed God by eating the forbidden fruit, the mangro.  The punishment affected not only Eva [Eve] and me, but also the animals, the plants, this fabulous planet and even the stars [Ge 3:14-19, Job 15:15].  After we left Paradise, the bad weather came.  Now I sulk in my anxious sleep.

Since I’ve become a mercenary against myself, there is such a thing as NeckRot.  I called it that because it will rot your neck.  Let me express my feelings with a poem: 

Call it Theodicy

I used to think all is well
Just ask me – I’ll surely tell
In Paradise, yet we fell
Now we’ve gone our own way
Tarnished my soul for a wish
Betrayed my God for fake bliss
I wasn’t looking for this
Now we’ve gone our own way

Oh, why did I chew?
I was so crazy
It’s such a bummer
My Theodicy

Why did the Curse ruin my life?
He acted so bad
We acted so bad
I acted so bad

Did I hide my sin the way Adam did, or conceal my guilt behind closed doors … If I’ve ever raped the earth for my own profit or dispossessed its rightful owners, then curse it with thistles instead of wheat, curse it with weeds instead of barley … (Job 31:33, 39, 40, Msg).

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