Friday, December 28, 2007

Adam's Blog [stardate 183,745.017]

I had some very strange visitors today. They called themselves the "Galactic Journey Team." Their leader was known as #5. A floating gray cube was named Eniak Junior. Ngoszrke was straining from the weight of two rectangular boxes with rounded edges that he was carrying. Yo-yoe-Nah was outfitted in white with a wristband that displayed a red cross. He also had a belt which held a number of medical gadgets. Jen Mod had arms, legs and a head like a human, but was clearly artificial. She was finished in gold and platinum.

"Greetings my children," I said as they approached.

"We are from the year 2382 and have spent 3 days looking for Eden," #5 explained.

I pointed to the boxes Ngoszrke was hauling, "What are those?"

He answered plainly, "Those are Temporal Spectrum Stabilizers; they enable us to come to your time."

Yo-yoe-Nah asked solemnly, "What do you do to prevent disease Father Adam?"

"Eat vegetables mostly and be careful around mushrooms!"

All the team members looked fuzzy and flickered to a dimmer hue periodically. I attempted to touch the metal of Jen Mod's arm, but my hand passed right through!

Eniak Junior asked, "Is your last name Smith?"

"No" I said with a laugh.

For a few seconds they were speaking in baby-talk and I could not make out a word they were saying.

Then #5 held up an oblong disk-like object and remarked, "Our Lingui-Matic translator was on the fritz."

Jen Mod asked, "What do you do when your pet T-Rex seems uneasy?"

"Tell it to chase my pet kangaroo, Hoppy," I replied.

After several hours of conversation we said our goodbyes.

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