Friday, December 28, 2007

What's EDEN at you kid?

What do you do with the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil?

A) Eat the fruit

B) Run

C) Have a snake sandwich

ed n ed n ed n ed n ... ... ...

Pre-Fall EDEN:

** no safety meetings

** no taxes

** no stubbed toes

** no lawyers

** no insurance premiums

** no lost kids at the department store

ed n ed n ed n ed n ... ... ...

SIN-opsis: apple -> 2 bites -> bad news

ed n ed n ed n ed n ... ... ...

Who fooled man to loose his SANITY?

Y SATIN of course!

ed n ed n ed n ed n ... ... ...

A&E unique traits:

Never said, "Thanks mom!"

No mysteries to solve like, "Who made Stonehenge?"

ed n ed n ed n ed n ... ... ...

Name Game:

Adam Adam mo Madam, fe fi fo fadam

Because you sinned, we're all badam, Adam

Eve Eve mo Meve, fe fe fo feve

You ate the fruit, we all grieve, Eve

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